Disclaimer, general terms
and conditions

Please take note that each of the activities proposed by Ceven’Aventure involves some level of risk.
For this reason we draw your attention to the restrictions and guidelines which you will find on the page dedicated to each activity. Please take account of the level of difficulty as indicated by the Beaver logo.

1 Beaver: very easy
2 Beavers: easy
3 Beavers: some difficulty
4 Beavers: difficult
5 Beavers: very difficult

All participants must ensure that they have understood the necessary information and restrictions applicable to each activity.
Participants must be in good physical condition and present no contraindications to participating in outdoor pursuits or white-water activities.
Participants must not overestimate their level of fitness.
Participants must be fully aware of the risks inherent in the very nature of the activities and accept them with full consent.
In the case of a group or an inscription for multiple participants, the person registering is responsible for explaining and accepting the terms and conditions on behalf of all involved.
Once on site, our instructors and guides are final arbiters, in all matters and in the best interests of the person(s) concerned and for the safety of the group, have the right to refuse one or more participants. (Irresponsible behaviour, under the influence of alcohol, etc....)
To ensure the smooth running of activities within the time allocated, the meeting times at departure locations must be strictly adhered to. Beyond a 15-minute delay the instructors will commence the activity and latecomers will have no entitlements to a refund or any other form of compensation.


Any inscription or reservation will be valid on signing a contract or on payment of a deposit or the total amount due for the service provided.


In case of cancellation on the part of the customer, the following cancellation fees will apply.
Between 10 and 5 days prior the date agreed for the activity, 50% of the total cost of the activity
Between 4 and 2 days prior the date agreed for the activity, 75% of the total cost of the activity
Within 2 days of the date agreed for the activity, 100% of the total cost of the activity.
Withdrawing from an activity which has already commenced will not entitle the participant to a refund or any other form of compensation.
In exceptional circumstances (death in the family, hospitalisation...) and on proof of the fact, Ceven’Aventure will retain 10% of the total cost of the activity.
Cancellation: On our behalf; Ceven’Aventure cannot be held responsible for the cancellation on the activity, related to unpredictable events (floods, rain, etc...). We will endeavour to reschedule the activity and in the event that this is not feasible a full refund will be issued.

Mediation - litigation - non payment
Differences which may arise with respect to the validity, interpretation, the execution or non execution, the interruption or the termination of a contract will be the subject of a mediation process in accordance with the rules of mediation of the CMAP which all parties profess to adhere to.
In case of litigation, whatever the conditions of purchase of our client or his place of business, the commercial Court in Aubenas is the sole competent authority.
In accordance with article L.441-6 of the code of commerce, penalties are incurred if payment is delayed beyond the day after the date which figures on the invoice. The penalty interest rate for late payment is 20% per annum.


All participants must check with their insurers that they are covered for partaking in these activities. Ceven’Aventure cannot be held liable for an accident or its consequences, unless their responsibility is in question, instructor negligence or equipment failure. RC Pro: AXA No.0000002086802104


All our activities are supervised by qualified instructors. Participants are expected to obey the rules and heed the advice given by the instructors.


Our tariffs include the equipment necessary to partake in the chosen activity as well as supervision by qualified instructors. You are asked to provide footwear and supplies appropriate to partaking in these activities.
Our tariffs do not include transport to the site for the activities. We try to operate a car pooling system for getting to these sites. In the event of a difficulty with transport do not hesitate to contact us.


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