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Team building

Specialists in company programmes, Ceven’ Aventure has developed a wide range of activities and challenges to meet the needs of individual companies, team building, testing ones limits and solidarity.

These events, whether water based, aerial or underground have been devised by our team to complement each other and allows participants to adapt to different situations. These activities, outdoor as well as indoor, take place in the Southern Ardèche close to Les Vans, Vallon Pont d’Arc, Grospierres or Ruoms.
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Focus on:

The Olympiads
Canoeing challenge
An evening in a cavern

Groupes et séminaires d'entreprise, large choix d'activités

Activities a la carte

Ceven’Aventure also provides a large choice of activities à la carte: rock climbing, canyoning, adventure circuit, caving, canoeing on the Chassezac.

Prices (inclusive of all taxes)

• Rock climbing: 49.50€ per person (41.25€ excluding VAT)
• Canyoning: 91.00€ per person (75.80€ excluding VAT)
• Potholing: 49.50€ per person (41.25€ excluding VAT)
• Canoeing: 46€ per person (38.40€ excluding VAT)

Activités à la carte, séminaires d'entreprise

General Overview

The above are only suggestions that can be tailored to meet your individual needs or the needs of the participants. For each of the events our service includes:
Supplying all technical equipment required for the activity
• An accompaniment by qualified instructors
• Transfer to the location of the activities
• Insurance and public liability
• Logistics, water stations, snack bars, radio links, first aid and personalised log books
• Prizes for the winning teams comprising a selection of local produces for the first 3 teams.

We also offer the possibility of a photo or video record of your activities or identify the different teams with Tee-shirts, baseball caps or bandanas with your company logo. Contact us for prices.


Ceven’Aventure also provides a wide range of catering choices, a welcoming coffee, morning breaks, lunch, a buffet or pick-nick; surprise yourself and enjoy.

Repas de séminaires d'entreprise


Ceven’Aventure can organise your transport to the Ardèche from your place of business, station or airport. With our fleet of vehicles, 50 seats, 22 seats or 9 seats Ceven’Aventure will collect you wherever you may be in France or Europe.

Transport séminaires d'entreprise

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